Some Head & Face Study Standards I've Developed

I frequently get hung-up on lots of details, and it takes me a really long time to create art, to any degree of my own satisfaction (unlike many of my friends, who can illustrate photo-realistic scenes and people really quick with seemingly little effort), so I stylize everything to simple elements so I can tell a story before I lose my mind and get distracted:


Mt. DEV and The <n00b> Express!

This is why I've been absent from here. (and that I'm fixing up a trashed house, and building a car). ...



The month of March is March-Art-Madness, where an artist draws a daily picture of anything. I made it half-way through the month before interrupting forces overwhelmed me. Here they are:


UNL college project from the past: LiquiKnight, Be-Knighted, a Glimpse.

This was my 6 page story of a 48 page comic, containing 5 stories, that I published, while in college, with a group of friends (6 artist across the globe) who created a comic company called AYCEcomcis (now defunct).  It is nowhere online so I thought I'd throw it up here.  The cover art was completed by Courtney Huddleston. We printed about 2000 books, if I remember correctly.


FRENZIEDminds present the Book Of Mormon:

These are the first, hand-sketched-inked, 12 panels of the Book of Mormon.  I will vector-illustrate them as I have time.