Frenzied minds learn how to make a car!

Concept cars and designer's sketches are always completely awesome. But as history has shown us in the last three decades, by the time that fantastic concept reaches production, the car is but a an ugly derivative. This is my speculative-lament.
Also posted at CGtalk.com's Wednesday Night Comic Creators Club 016: January 28 -February 3 2009
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22 hours: Illustrator+Photoshop+Wacom


Al the Green-Tree-Rabbit fixes Global Heat 01

It took me several weeks but I finally finished this installment. It's about how supposedly, good intentions can go horribly wrong.
Also posted over at CGtalk.coms Wednesday Night Comic Creators Club 014: January 7-13 2009
27 hours: Illustrator+Photoshop+Wacom