UNL college project from the past: LiquiKnight, Be-Knighted, a Glimpse.

This was my 6 page story of a 48 page comic, containing 5 stories, that I published, while in college, with a group of friends (6 artist across the globe) who created a comic company called AYCEcomcis (now defunct).  It is nowhere online so I thought I'd throw it up here.  The cover art was completed by Courtney Huddleston. We printed about 2000 books, if I remember correctly.



FRENZIEDminds present the Book Of Mormon:

These are the first, hand-sketched-inked, 12 panels of the Book of Mormon.  I will vector-illustrate them as I have time.



Solving a problem...

I haven't posted in a really long time due to the new aggressive policies of Blogger, Google and Facebook, where they've announced that they basically own everything posted on their networks.  Now I'm working on getting a real hosted site (I'm currently virtual hosting my domain-names to blogger) with a Wordpress comic feature... which means I have to figure out wordpress and comicpress.  Stay tuned for a forthcoming, glorious catastrophe!


GUN TOONS by Dan Cannon & GunsSaveLives.com

I created this out of the goodness of my heart for the people (or perhaps person) at www.GunsSaveLives.com. The site person there created a toon called "GUN TOONS" and did a nice stick-figure illustration (see here: http://gunssavelives.net/gun-toons/gun-toons-comic-vol-1-issue-1-recall-madness/). I thought it would be nice to offer some help. www.GunsSavesLives.net created and owns the comic and all the text, layout and idea. I only re-illustrated it. I will remove this particular comic if it is the desire of the owner(s). Took me 12 hours over 6 days to create. I hope somebody appreciates it.



Ratifying the need for professional Inkers and Colorists & the reason why I digitally re-illustrate everything I do:

These are all my daily sketches for the month of March (March is official "sketch-a-day" month), starting with DAY-1 at the bottom and DAY-31 at the top, below this text. These are all traditionally sketched with non-photoblue lead (a regular B lead would be better for markers) & Caran d'Ache lead holder. All hand colored with Copic markers (except for Day 04 "Al -VS- Puzilla" which is partly painted with Winsor Newton water colors and gouache paints). The first three days were re-done on March 31 because the originals were a mess (took me a couple of days to get into sketch-a-day mode). They each took from 1 to 2 hours.